Colorado Springs shootings twice in 30 days

I probably shouldn’t say this with the NSA listening in…

I have in my life dreamed and fantasized about violent revenge against my enemies. This has been everyone from people I know personally to figures I only know indirectly like Dick Cheney. Yes, he’s bad enough to inspire that kind of murderous rage even from a distance of thousands of miles and mediated by newsprint and pixellated text.

Anyway, that’s relevant in my mind to the terrorist murders in Colorado Springs. It sounds to me like the GOP is right that this guy is a nutcase acting mostly independent of any serious organization. I also agree with many on the other side who say that he probably chose Planned Parenthood because of the massive propaganda and hatred campaign against it by the GOP.

But what I really want to say is I think I can relate to this guy. I imagine he feels like the world is falling down around him, that there are evil people trying to control him and take away the things he holds dear. He probably didn’t just experience anger but also confusion and helplessness.

Yes it’s quite appropriate to blame the GOP for emphasizing and reinforcing the hatred response. At the same time I don’t think they are very comfortable with the fact that crazy men came out of the hills with guns blazing and mowed people down twice in just the last 30 days. And that’s just in Colorado Springs. I certainly doubt that most of the 1% of filthy rich people that the GOP represents are comfortable with this insanity. No one wants Mad Max or Snow Crash to become a reality with fortified compounds and armored cars.

Of course if it does get that bad those who can afford to do so will move in. And the rest of us will have to survive in the howling wilderness.

I just don’t think this is what anyone truly wants. I know I don’t.

We need a better way. Slinging mud doesn’t work. What’s the saying? Even if you’re really good at it an eye for an eye might leave you with two good eyes but now you’ve blinded your opponent and you don’t know what to do with yourself.


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